Wednesday, September 26, 2018

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Neuroscience Of Learning: Making Learning Stick

What leads to effective memory?
Dr. Chris Bray is a Researcher for the NeuroLeadership Institute, a global initiative bringing neuroscientists and leadership experts together to build a new science for leadership development. During this session, he will share some of the latest neuroscience and industry research related to learning-particularly around the nature of memory, how we learn, and how to make learning stick more effectively. The research can be boiled down to four principles:

  1. a single focus of attention
  2. generating connections to existing knowledge;
  3. creating emotional links;
  4. providing space to grow the memory.

Dr. Bray will discuss how you can build your training initiatives around these core principles to maximize the learning potential from your various development activities.

Dr. Chris BraySenior ResearcherNeuroLeadership Institute


A Learning Platform to Provide Employees Access to Performance and Development Resources

In our rapidly changing, highly regulated, compliance-driven environment, it can be difficult to ensure employees have access to the tools, people and opportunities needed to maximize their performance. In this millennial age, employees are the drivers of their own learning, seeking out tools and materials to support their daily responsibilities when they need it. Traditional learning platforms are unable to deliver contextual information in the time of need. A platform was designed to support the vision of a learning culture that promotes a high- performing, agile organization that attracts and retains top talent. This platform provides employee's access to people, tools, and resources needed to enhance performance and personal development promoting a culture where continuous learning and knowledge sharing are embedded and demonstrated in our performance. It consists of 3 main pillars: Onboarding, Performance Support, and Development Programs. These pillars support "just-in- time" or "point of need" learning. The employee drives their own learning journey through the guidance of their manager. Rather than pushing requirements to a To Do List with a due-date, a learner pulls the material they need at the time of need.

Michael RussertAssociate Director of Development TrainingAbbVie

Cheryle GaraAssistant Director of Development TrainingAbbVie


Idea xChange #1 - Measuring Learning Impact

Throughout the event we will pause for 3 "idea share" sessions. During these 15 minute segments, an L&D executive from our speaker pool will share a powerful idea or learning initiative that has been successful. The goal is to provide you with some quick, easily digestible, innovative information that will help to spark new ideas for your organization


Morning Networking Break


Developing & Leveraging Social Learning at AstraZeneca

Spencer Holt, Global Director of Leader & Enterprise Development will share AstraZeneca's award winning social learning strategy. In 2015, the company began its social learning journey with the view of engaging the leaders within their sales organization as they rolled out a new selling model. It was meant to augment a face to face training program, as the new experiences used content curated from many locations as a trigger to start learning conversations. This new approach was well received and highly successful. Learn how AstraZeneca improved engagement and learning impact levels while reducing costs in the production process. Spencer will share lessons learned, as well as, discuss how they see social learning fitting into future learning and development efforts.

Spencer Holt, PhDGlobal Director, Leader & Enterprise DevelopmentAstraZeneca


-Panel Session-

A View from the Top: Developing & Sustaining a Culture of Continuous Learning

Our panel of Heads of Learning and Talent Development will share their thoughts on developing a culture of continuous learning. Topics for discussion will include:

  • The changing role of learning
  • Reshaping mindsets-how to get our business partners to think differently about learning
  • Connecting learning to other parts of the organization-IT, HR, etc.
  • Influence of technology and digital disruptors
  • Where does learning fit in anti-sexual harassment efforts?

Panelists Include :

Bejoy PhilipHead of Talent Management & Leadership ConsultingOtsuka America Pharmaceutical Inc.


Networking Luncheon


Discussion Group Breakouts

To further enhance networking and learning among attendees, we will be breaking into small discussion groups. During this session, we will take time to drill a little deeper into the issues addressed in the previous presentations. Brainstorm, discuss challenges, and share potential solutions with your peers...walk away with some fresh ideas that you can implement upon returning to the office.


Futureproof Your Organization: Knowledge Expansion In The Era Of Technology

Technology is changing and organizations can't afford to continually find new talent to remain competitive. According to the American Staffing Association, 76% of companies say technology is outpacing workers' knowledge, directly impacting the current skills gap in available talent. Adaptive talent management is the key to futureproofing your organizational success. Critical aspects of developing your employees include increasing their knowledge, skills and abilities to prepare them for the changing landscape of work and regulatory environments

In this session, Steve Dobberowsky, Senior Principal for Cornerstone OnDemand will discuss the ways to increase employees' level of knowledge and compliance via the three dimensions of any talent management system: learning, content and performance. Increasing our employee's knowledge, skills, and abilities in this continually changing environment is fundamental in futureproofing your success.

Technology disruptions have become the status quo. Enabling talent to expand their knowledge and remain relevant as new technologies emerge has become a fundamental and critical strategy we all must adopt to remain competitive.

Steve Dobberowsky Principal, Thought Leadership & Advisory ServicesCornerstoneOnDemand


Developing a Corporate Culture of Risk & Compliance-- Moving Beyond a 'Check the Box' Mentality

Many organizations struggle with moving away from the 'check the box' mentality of compliance training to creating an environment that has embedded risk and compliance capabilities enterprise wide. During this session you will hear from an organization that is making great strides in this area. Topics for discussion will include:

  • Changing mindsets and creating a corporate culture of compliance
  • Managing and balancing regulatory training expectations with limited learning time
  • Learning tools that provide better engagement and retention-i.e. micro-learning, experiential learning, gamification, etc.

Afternoon Networking Break


Idea xChange #2 - Creating a Learner Experience

Learn how one organization is taking learning to the next level by providing more personalization and enriching the learner experience.


Panel Session

Engaging & Developing Your Millennial Workforce

Millennials are now the country's largest generation in the workforce and they are increasingly entering managerial and senior level positions within our organizations. Our panelists will share their thoughts and successful strategies for engaging and developing millennial workers. Topics for discussion will include:

  • Shift in skill sets
  • Engagement and retention strategies
  • Fostering leadership skills
  • Successful development tools-- coaching, mentoring, etc.

Onboarding Bootcamp: An EMD Serono Case Study

Research suggests that onboarding is a critical time in an employee's experience at a company-one that has a long-lasting impact on engagement, performance, and retention. Given this fact, EMD Serono's L&D group developed an onboarding program to quickly acclimate newcomers into the often-confusing world of R&D. Our initiative features an innovative program designed to give a new hires more confidence in understanding the R&D pharmaceutical environment. Using multiple tools, a team based approach, social media and even elements from the old 'Match Game', newcomers have been able to make connections across company functions and have a better understanding of their R&D environment at EMD Serono. During this session, I will share our post-event assessment which has revealed even more benefits for our 'Boot Camp' attendees and their managers.

David SchlumperGlobal Learning & Development Manager EMD Serono


Cocktail Reception

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Chairman's Recap


Diversity & Inclusion and the Learning Function

Traditionally, organizations treated D&I as a function under Human Resources, however more recently, corporations are looking at promoting diversity and inclusion within the learning function and as a source of competitive advantage. During this session we will explore this trend, including:

  • partnering to develop D&I programs and initiatives
  • understanding unconscious bias and developing inclusive leaders
  • creating real behavior change, not just awareness policies
  • innovative communication and learning programs that help to imbed D&I into your company culture


Leveraging Knowledge Management for Learning & Talent Development

Detlef Hold, People Capabilities Strategy Lead & Vice Director of PDR Organizational Development was recently awarded the Bronze Talent Management Award by CLO Magazine for his role in developing the Community of Managers Initiative, a knowledge management system, at Genentech Inc. During this session, Detlef will share is experience in establishing and leveraging a knowledge management system for more effective learning and development.

Detlef HoldPeople Capabilities Strategy Lead, Regulatory Affairs Organizational Development Genentech Inc.


Idea xChange #3 - Piloting L&D Initiatives

During this xChange we will explore the important role pilot programs can play in launching new learning and development initiatives.


Morning Networking Break


Rethinking Performance Management at Regeneron

For years Regeneron had an overly complicated performance management process that was used to drive compensation decisions and did not provide employees with the feedback they were looking for. During this session, you will learn how the company revamped performance management, giving individual business units flexibility to evolve the performance process to suit their needs. In many cases, this meant eliminating ratings. Michelle Weitzman-Garcia, Executive Director of Workforce Development will share Regeneron's journey, including lessons learned and future next steps.

Michelle Weitzman-GarciaExecutive Director of Workforce Development Regeneron Pharmaceuticals


Strategy and Impact of a Coaching Centre of Excellence at GSK

In 2010, GSK launched their Coaching Centre of Excellence to prep their leaders for new challenges that lay ahead due to several big products going off patent. A few short years later in 2016, GSK won the International Coach Federation Prism Award for their program as coaching at the organization increased by 2,900 percent and was credited with an ROI of $66 million. During this session, Stephanie Trotter, Executive Coach, will explore the structure of their program including the three pillars of the Centre:

  • High quality coaching
  • Access for all
  • Build internal coaching capabilities
Stephanie will also share the positive results from a recent internal study done to examine the impact of their coaching initiatives on their talent development program for women. It showed that woman who went through their program were twice as likely to receive a promotion.

Stephanie TrotterExecutive Coach-Talent, Leadership & OD Centre of Excellence GSK


-Panel Session-

L&D as a Driver of Innovation

Innovation often happens when people are given the time to interact, be creative and are encouraged to take risks. However in our fast-paced, heavily regulated organizations where our employees are asked to do more with less and have increased disruptions, finding time to "innovate" can be a challenge. Robert McNamee, Managing Director of the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Institute (IEI) at Fox School of Business, Temple University will open this session with a short presentation of his research on innovation in the workplace. He will then turn the session over to the panel. Our learning and innovation leaders from BMS, Sanofi and Bayer will provide specific examples of how their L&D organizations are helping to drive culture change and foster an innovation mindset.


Robert C. McNamee, PhDManaging Director, Innovation & Entrepreneurship Institute (IEI)Fox School of Business-Temple University


Shawn MilheimLearning Practice Lead-R&D LearningBristol-Myers Squibb

Jennifer MagnaniSenior Director, Quality AcademySanofi Pasteur


Conclusion of Conference